8 Week

Martial Arts Beginner Programme

Embarking on a martial arts journey can be an intimidating endeavor, especially for those new to the discipline. At our academy, we understand the initial apprehensions and have meticulously designed an 8-week beginner programme to ease you into the world of martial arts.

Whether your interest lies in Boxing, MMA, or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, our dedicated classes provide a supportive and structured environment. We ensure every novice learns the fundamental techniques and builds a solid foundation, setting the stage for further exploration and mastery.

Your journey to self-discovery and empowerment starts here.
Join us and unleash your potential.

Why it's for you!

All abilities welcome

Our beginner classes are the perfect introduction to Martial Arts, with experienced trainers to guide you through and help you get the most out of your time on the mats.

Exercise mind and body

Martial Arts are a great form of exercise, not just for the body but our brains as well. Becoming competent in a Martial Art is one of the best ways to build confidence in day-to-day life.

Self Defence

Not everybody wants to become a professional fighter, however having the ability to defend yourself is very important. Our classes are suitable for people who are wanting to take part as a hobby or just learning to defend themselves.

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Boxing and Kick Boxing aren’t just about packing a powerful punch!

They encompass a range of physical and mental benefits that extend beyond the ring. Engaging in this discipline hones cardiovascular endurance and overall physical fitness, building strength, agility, and speed.

The intricate footwork and combination drills sharpen reflexes and improve coordination. On a cognitive level, it cultivates discipline, boosts self-confidence, and fosters strategic thinking.

As practitioners spar and train, they also develop resilience and learn the significance of perseverance. Beyond the physical prowess, boxing and MMA striking instil a mindset of dedication, focus, and continual growth.


MMA melds diverse martial arts disciplines, offering both sportive and self-defence benefits.

Athletically, it boosts cardiovascular fitness, strength, and mental resilience, teaching discipline and strategy.

For self-defence, MMA’s varied techniques, from striking to grappling, equip individuals for real-life confrontations. It fosters situational awareness and a comprehensive defence skill set, instilling confidence in and out of the cage.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) emphasises ground combat, providing both athletic and self-defence advantages.

Athletically, BJJ enhances flexibility, strength, and strategic thinking, instilling discipline and perseverance. From a self-defence perspective,

BJJ empowers practitioners with techniques to control opponents larger than themselves, focusing on leverage and technique. It promotes situational awareness and confidence, ensuring preparedness in various real-world confrontations.

8 week

Martial Arts Beginner Programme

SUF is for you!

"Much more than a gym. Amazing community with everything you need to get fitter and have fun whilst doing it! The martial arts side is unreal, great coaches and a great group of guys to train with!"

"The gym itself is fully equipped and a fantastic facility. The martial arts side of the gym is fantastic with high level teaching from very talented and experienced coaches. It has a very welcoming environment whether you’re a complete beginner or more experienced".
"Great facility for gym, fitness classes and martial arts, suitable for all ages and abilities, really good coaches with a high amount of knowledge"